How often does your commercial carpet need to be cleaned?

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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Every business person wants his brand to be impactful to make their business prosperous. And workplace cleanliness is going to play a crucial role at this point. We all love to place attractive custom logo carpets or regular carpets in our office premises or facilities. It is not only aesthetic and welcoming, but this also keeps the place clean. The workplace carpet has to deal with heavier traffic. That is why it needs a regular basis cleaning to maintain the impression of your brand and that of your business place. A clean carpet shows that you run a productive and successful business, and you care about your clients’ convenience. In the following passages, let us learn how often you should clean your carpet for better maintenance.       

How to determine your office carpets need a cleaning

The level of usage, traffic, etc. needs to be considered while determining the frequency of cleanings. The other crucial factor to consider is tracking dirt. People while coming and going track in different types of soil often depending on the type of business you run. And tracking dirt means tracking viruses!! While making a cleaning schedule, keep all these factors in mind:

1. Carpet style and colour

The nap, pile type, colour, density, etc., will all influence your cleaning frequency requirements. Quite obviously, the lighter the colour and the higher the nap, the more often you may have to schedule the cleaning.

2. Consider the Foot traffic

The level of foot traffic your workplace receives will play a crucial role in determining the frequency of carpet cleanings. It would help if you considered both employees and visitors at this point.

3. Keep the type of commercial space in mind

The facilities that need more frequent carpet cleaning are:

Retail Stores

Retail stores tend to have a lot of foot traffic. In case you own a high traffic retail store, you should clean your carpet every three months to 6 months.

Office premises

Office buildings should get their carpets cleaned every six months. However, that will depend on the number of employees and traffic.


You need to clean the carpets in a restaurant or bar quarterly. Well, that is quite frequent, and this is necessary because often people spill and the grease also gets tracked in from the kitchen.

Medical Facilities, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, clinics

There are many regulations regarding sanitation and cleaning in healthcare facilities. There is an increased awareness of airborne contaminants. That is why it is always considered so crucial for healthcare facilities to improve their cleaning schedules. It assures deep and effective carpet cleaning.


Schools need to clean their carpets every three to six months.


Churches need to have one thorough cleaning for their carpets in a year. However, certain areas such as the entrances need to be cleaned multiple times a year. And that may depend on their size.

How to Keep Your Carpet Looking clean Between Cleanings

Vacuuming regularly

Doing regular vacuuming slowly over the carpet on both sides will help you maintain your carpet between cleanings. To deal with high traffic areas, vacuum at least 3-4 times a week while for low traffic areas – do it once a week.

Spot Cleaning regime

Clean the spill and spots as soon as possible. You can follow this regime as a preventative carpet maintenance program.

Preventative Cleaning program

For best carpet cleaning results, professionally clean your carpets at regular intervals depending on various factors like traffic, number of employees, dirt tracking, etc. Heavy traffic areas should get preventative cleanings 1-2 times per month. For medium traffic areas need it every 2-3 months. And for lighter traffic areas it is every six months.

Well, there are countless reasons to opt for professional carpet cleaning. A clean carpet in your facility will not only give the best possible impression but will also protect your health and that of your employees, guests, and visitors.

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